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Jim Spillman, author, evangelist, and Christian educator was widely known for his charismatic ministry and personality. An ordained Conservative Baptist minister since 1960, Jim served in many churches of varied denominations and backgrounds. As an evangelist and author Jim used his unique mix of spiritual and educational depth with humor to reach people where they were. Audiences around the world were captivated by the power of God demonstrated in his life and brought to Christ for salvation, baptism, healing, and other mighty works of renewal. His background in education allowed him to develop a highly successful teaching style, enabling students to learn great volumes of material of the Word of God in a short length of time.

Jim possessed one of the largest personal libraries in the ministry with many thousands of volumes on the shelves of his converted barn library. The section on eschatology (end-times) alone has several hundred volumes. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in history and Greek, his library specializes in these subjects. Jim used this vast treasure as a resource for his writing.

Jim left this earth for his eternal home in late 2002. His work, however, continues to touch people’s lives through books, and recorded material that remain as fresh and relevant today as when they were first produced.

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  1. Jaime Maldonado says:

    The Spirit of God has Anointed me from the day he prayed for me during the summer of ” 76 ” at Christ for the Nations. I just realized Jim has been with Jesus for almost 10 years. I’ve recently been trying to find where he was ministering . I was able to get some of his material. Thanks

  2. homer holland says:


  3. Patsy Bobby Cherian says:

    “The Great Treasure Hunt” is a wonderful eyeopener. The author’s style and simplicity of writing makes it easy for faster understanding and retention.


    I remember JIM SPILLMAN in the early seventies coming to a Carismatic Clinic in San Jose, CA. I was drawn to his wonderful preaching and interesting delivery. He told a story about how he grew up in Chicago – and how he was led to the Lord. Is there a book that has all this interesting information in it?

  5. Sherie Fischer Krause says:

    I have written a book called “He Who Has an Ear, Let Him Hear”. It is about the ways God speaks to us. There is a chapter called “God Speaks Through Christian Books” and I would like to include some information gleaned from Jim Spillman’s book, “The Great Treasure Hunt” and other references. I would like your permission to use the info in my book and would like to know the procedure for doing that. If you will send me an email address where I can send what I have written that concerns Jim Spillman and his son, I will send it by return email. Thanks so much. Sherie

  6. Gary Frazier says:

    Like Jaime Maldonado, I remember Spillman from CFNI. However, I, first, met him there in 1981, when he taught for two straight weeks (the very first guest speaker to do that).
    It was grand, too….They had scheduled the semester “Field Day,” during the two weeks and it was rained out, so Bro. Spillman ministered all morning!

  7. Larry Ware says:

    Jim Spillman came to Peoria, IL back in Sept. 1977 through the Full Gospel Business Men’s Asso. I was working at the hotel he came to at that time. I drove him and his associate, “Cotton” from the airport to the hotel. Jim invited me to a miracle service where he ended up calling my name from a group that had come forward that evening. He gave me a very encouraging word from God and I went out in the Spirit for the first time in my life. All through the evening he ministered to the needs of those who were attending. He always used a delightful sense of humor as he spoke to everyone. He left a lasting impression on me and gave me a greater sense of the love that God has for me. What a wonderful ministry he had! He did so much for the body of Christ in his lifetime.

  8. Vern Norman says:

    Jim was a wonderful friend and pastor friend. I knew and traveled with Jim to Australia for a ministry trip. It was a time of healing and revival during the “Charasmatic Renewal”. We were able to see many miracles and experience wonderful moving of the Holy Spirit. Like many have said, Jim had a unique style of delivery, and a great sense of humor. Rich Buelour “Cotton” was a deeply gifted young man who was also used of the Holy Spirit. Jim started a church in Santa Ana California and was used in a mighty way through God in the lives and people of that church. Those of you who were able to sit under his ministry are richer for the time spent. God continues to live and reign in a mighty way. The Charasmatic movement hasn’t ended, but continues today in the hearts and lives of millions.

    • Staff says:

      Thanks Vern, for your kind word. You’re right the Holy Spirit’s work in lives is very ‘alive and well’ in the hearts of believers today!

    • Mark Scott says:

      I remember Mr Spillman coming to Auckland in N Z in 1980 . Have never forgotten it , ever , I was only saved just 3 weeks . But what I saw captivated my heart and has always kept me going for the last 35 years . Because I saw what was possible in Jesus , I sought after His Presence just like I saw with Mr Spillman . I am so sad that he has gone now , it would have been wonderful to see him again after so many years. What an awesome model for us all . I saw people walk out of their wheelchairs , I saw them put their crutches aside and walk , I saw blind folk see and deaf people hear . Thankyou Lord for sending Mr Spillman to us .

  9. Mary-Ellen O'Sullivan says:

    Thank-you Jim Spillman for coming to N.Z and ministering in 1980. I was bought along with a friend and you had a word of knowledge that tomorrow is the day for a 17 year old. Well it certainly was I went back thinking God was going to heal me. God had other plans as I went up on the Salvation altar call, and had the good news explained to me. That night I became a Christian then got healed and baptised approx a month later. I have never looked back and am very thankful for your timely ministry here in Hamilton back then.
    I am now back living in Hamilton and am so very thankful to God for delivering me out of the domain of evil into God’s wonderful kingdom.
    To God be the glory for your ministry and may your later days be even more glorious as you venture out and trust Him for an even greater harvest.
    From Mary-Ellen
    Hamilton, N.Z

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