Jim Spillman Ministries:

Jim Spillman, author, evangelist, and Christian educator was widely known for his charismatic ministry and personality. An ordained Conservative Baptist minister since 1960, Jim served in many churches of varied denominations and backgrounds. As an evangelist and author Jim used his unique mix of spiritual and educational depth with humor to reach people where they were. Audiences around the world were captivated by the power of God demonstrated in his life and brought to Christ for salvation, baptism, healing, and other mighty works of renewal. His background in education allowed him to develop a highly successful teaching style, enabling students to learn great volumes of material of the Word of God in a short length of time.

Jim possessed one of the largest personal libraries in the ministry with many thousands of volumes on the shelves of his converted barn library. The section on eschatology (end-times) alone has several hundred volumes. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in history and Greek, his library specializes in these subjects. Jim used this vast treasure as a resource for his writing.

Jim left this earth for his eternal home in late 2002. His work, however, continues to touch people’s lives through books, and recorded material that remain as fresh and relevant today as when they were first produced.