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    Praise The Lord.

    I am a long time student of Jim Spillman(since late 1970s) and I am still ministering the Gospel in the Onto Perfection Church in Kenya.

    For purposes of Fellowship and cross pollination,I would like you to provide us with your recent books and teaching material here in Kenya.

    Your in Christ,
    Bishop E Muthamia
    P.O. BOX 212 IGOJI

  2. williyam varghese says:

    i have finished reading the treasure hunt, brilliant work by there anyway i can speak to him?

    • Staff says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      Jim left this earth for his eternal home in late 2002. His work, however, continues to touch people’s lives through books, and recorded material that remain as fresh and relevant today as when they were first produced.

  3. Jan says:

    Years ago we were given a tape of one of Jim’s miracle services. It was also video taped for a television special. The reason we were given the message was because the Lord had told my husband through many people, he would recieve a ‘new’ eye, untill this message we didn’t know to believe for one. My husband lost his right eye when he was 10, we are believers and KNOW even after all these years, it can happen. I was sharing this testimony at church on Wednesday night and realized we had lost the ‘vision’ for this to happen. I am so glad you have kept this site open, Jim’s messages are timeless, his purpose is eternal, and God is still speaking through Jim today.

  4. mark scott says:

    Does anyone remember Jim Spillman preaching in Auckland, N Z, 1980. I had just got save before he came, was so amazing, people being healed out of wheel chairs etc. The pressure from the press stopped him touching anyone, so he just blew on them and they got healed. That was 32 years ago now, touched and changed my life. Am still preaching today and walking the walk. God Bless Mr Spillman.

  5. Nurit Amichai says:

    I met Steve Spillman on June 12, 2012 in Israel at a meeting with John Brown. I shared a tiny bit of my connection with Jim Spillman and I have some pictures to share. Can you send me an email address so I can write my story and send the pictures as well, as requested by Steve?
    Many thanks

  6. herbert wilson says:

    Is Nancy , Jim’s wife still living and if so how can one get in touch with her, I was once their servant sent by god. Thank you

  7. David Ray Bradford says:

    July 2013

    Can someone tell me the day/ circumstances involving Rev. Jim Spillman’s death.

    I am David Ray Bradford feel free to Call and leave messages 480-964-3351

    • Staff says:

      Dad passed on to Heaven in 2012 after a long series of health issues. His family was able to spend time with him and say goodbye before he began his new, eternal life.

  8. Thomas Pearce says:

    Have several of Jim’s Cassette series. Are these available on CD? Are you still actively selling the CD’s I saw online? Please advise. I was honored to chauffeur Jim from the Pittsburgh Airport up to Titusville/Meadville, PA for a series of services. It was a blessing to have that time with him.

    I still love his phrase of “My Shack, Your Shack, and a bungelow” he used to use when speaking of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo in book of Daniel! 😉

    – tom –

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