Audio Books

Faith for Today Set

Faith for Today
Do you think faith is all about “name it and claim it”? Think again. Faith is about obedience and victory. Go deeper into your faith walk. (Read more)

Knowing God Set
Knowing God to Greater Miracles
Do you know God? Do you know how He wants us to know Him? Understanding the attributes of God from God’s perspective is key to miracles being manifested in your life. (Read more)

Power Set

The difference between victory and defeat is power; but as Christians, why is it so difficult for us to access the power of God’s power in our lives? (Read more)

Spirit Man Set

Spirit Man
A Jim Spillman classic! Recorded live at Rhema Bible Institute. These four hours of live teaching share how to fully access the Gifts of the Holy Spirit without abusing them. (Read more)

The Double Me set

The Double Me
As Christians, why do we not do what we know we should and why we find ourselves doing the very things we know we shouldn’t? (Read more)